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We understand the seriousness of what your family is going through.

Our experience and expertise will help you.

Established in 1983, We Are Tulsa's oldest and most innovative firm.

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We are Tulsa's Most Innovative+ Long Standing.

Your child is the most important.

We are the oldest firm in the Tulsa area, and the first to incorporate new proven programs and methods to help your child and family. We changed legislation in Washington to provide a better family and home for children. Our clients see restoration occur everyday.

Timing is seldom perfect. Help needs to be certain.

We are available.

We are open 365 days per year. We are available for visits from 9-9 each day. If you have an emergency, we are there. Just call. Don't settle for anything less for you and your child.

Your child receives what they need most.

Committed care.

We are totally committed to doing everything possible to help children be the least effected by this legal process and to support them in keeping a normal healthy life. Every time we are with them.

Understanding what your child understands.

All of us are Trauma Certified.

Each member of our team is a Certified Trauma Specialist giving them the credentials and experience to deal sensitively and effectively with your child and family. Making sense of this time to your child is important for their long term development. We can help.

38 years of
in-depth experience.

Benefit your family.

Since 1983 we have been supporting children and their families through the difficulty of supervision. We have been involved in all kinds of family situations and bring that experience to bear for you and your children. Restoration occurs everyday with us and our clients.

Established in1983, we are Tulsa's first and most innovative firm.

We are a court+ community service group dedicated to preserving the integrity of the family.

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