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We Preserve the Integrity of Your Family.

From Supervision to Restoration. We are there with you all the way.

Take a look below at the Restoration Steps we will take together.


We believe that healthy children have healthy parents, which together make for a healthy family.

We understand the stress and confusion of supervision. First we help you get on a clear path to restore your family.

Our Passion

is Healthy Children



Restoration Happens with a Solid Plan

We work with you, your attorney and the court to establish a plan with measurable steps you can take to make restoration happen for your family.



We provide you tools and guidance to make your plan work.

Let's get your plan up and going.

Our mission is family restoration.

Visit Options

Your visit can be enjoyable.

There are Lots of Good Things to Do with Your Child on a visit.




Normal activities bring confidence to your child and you. Meeting in your home, school activities, playing in the park, shopping at the mall, fun places to eat, and more, are all options.

Our total focus,

Your Child.

Your Child


Your family restoration plan is focused on keeping your child as stress-free as possible. They are confused too during this time and we work hard to make sure they are as unaffected as possible.

Sticking to the Restoration Plan makes

all the difference.

All Visit Solution staff are Certified Trauma Specialists. We know what to do to help your child.


Understanding the financial stress involved we remain the most affordable, yet oldest and most qualified service.

Fees for Families


Intake Fee

Supervised Visits

Case Management

Home Evaluations

9am-9pm incl. Holidays


$30 per hour

$30 per hour


Established in 1983, We Are Tulsa's first and most innovative firm.

We are a court+ community service group dedicated to preserving the integrity of the family.

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365 Days/Yr


 Visits Daily


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