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A Little About Ms. Pamela Thomas

Ms. Pamela Thomas Founded Visit Solution some 32 years ago. She has unparalleled experience in family and court matters and is regularly asked to provided her insight in court, with civic leaders and with Families and Individuals in all situations.

Pamela may not tell you herself but others will tell you she has also been influential in Washington politics. Fighting for adopted children's rights she along with Senator Ted Kennedy brought the Multicultural Ethnic Act into existence. This single piece of legislation makes it possible for caring families of all nationalities to to adopt children regardless or race.










Pamela Thomas is the founder and director of Visit Solution Court and Community Service Group.  She first became aware of family problems working as an intern for Head Start over forty years ago.

Later after completing her education with a masters in social work from the University of Michigan and serving in the poverty streets of Detroit she relocated to Tulsa.









While working at Tulsa's Family and Children’s Services, became aware that many people at that time were not seeing their children for several months at a time, pending a court decision.

If the children were in DHS custody they were only afforded a on hour visit per month.  “Visit Solution began 31 years ago in an effort to keep a parent child bond in tact” says Thomas.

From Head Start, to University of Michigan Masters in Social Work to the Streets of Detroit to Tulsa.

Pamela not only guides others from a distance...she has been a foster parent to 68 delinquent children over the years.

“As an adoptive parent and foster parent of 68 delinquent children I have seen the effects of trauma in family systems. Sadly, we are now serving second generation clients.”

Active in Politics for Family Rights, she along with Sen. Ted Kennedy enacted the "Multicultural Placement Act" which extended family and children rights across races.


Pamela was appointed to The Post Adjudication Review Board to review the placement of children in foster care as well as The Child Death Review Board to review every child death occurring in the state of Oklahoma by the Governor of Oklahoma.

Pamela has served as the Director of fund development. Currently when you ask Pamela where she is generally found she states “In the trenches!  I am usually doing visitation or helping families find linkages to community resources to enable them to function.  Our mission statement is Preserving the integrity of the family.

We believe in families.”

Established in1983, we are Tulsa's first and most innovative firm.

We are a court+ community service group dedicated to preserving the integrity of the family.

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